Ice & Snow Control

About Ice & Snow Control

Ice and Snow Control is an emergency type operation and the work must be accomplished as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Annual planning occurs prior to the arrival of the winter season. Pre-season preparation involves the re-evaluation of all aspects of the department’s ice and snow control activities.

Modifications are made as needed to fine turn the operations and maximize the department’s resources such as manpower, equipment and materials.

Cedar Falls Ice & Snow Control Services

  • The Street Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for providing ice and snow control for over 200 miles of City streets and 10 City parking lots.
  • The City makes every attempt to maintain bare pavement on Priority I and Priority II streets, however it is not guaranteed. 
  • Bare pavement should not be expected on residential streets.
  • The City attempts to maintain adequate traction for vehicles properly equipped for winter driving conditions.

Plowing Priority

City streets are plowed according to these priorities:

  • Priority I: All arterial streets—plowed and deiced.
  • Priority II: All collector streets—plowed and deiced upon completion of the Priority I streets.
  • Other: All remaining residential streets are then plowed and deicers are added on hills and at intersections.

General Snow Removal Timeline

Typical snow removal sequence based on an average 3”- 6” snowfall occurring throughout the day with sustained freezing temperatures and no additional snow forecast.

 Absolute top priority is clearing and deicing Priority 1 & 2 streets.  Below is a general timeline for completion.

  • Onset of snow Day 1 into the night – Plowing of Priority I & II streets, begin city parking lots. 
  • Day 2 – Calendar parking, plowing back areas where vehicles have moved, deice slippery roadways, finish up parking lots. Staff to begin public building shovel routes and public sidewalks. (regular Hours)
  • Day 3 - Push back intersections, wing plow rural areas to maintain future snow storage, continue with sidewalk and park access. Prepare equipment for hauling snow from CFHS, College Hill and Parkade area. (weather forecast depending)
  • Day 4 (Beginning late night day 3) - Haul out High School, Parkade, College Hill.  (Overnight hours) POST HAULING –Staff continue with residual cleanup, continue clearing trails, park access and sidewalks.
  • Day 5 – Haul snow from parking lots. Continue clearing trails, sidewalks, etc.
  • Day 6 – continue with snow related activities – Trail clearing, restock materials, maintain equipment, etc.

If additional precipitation is received, streets become top priority once again, hauling and trail clearing is postponed. 

Sand/Salt Barrel Locations

CEDAR HEIGHTS DRS.E. corner of Cedar Heights Dr. & Rainbow Drive. (1)
SOUTH MAINS.W corner of South Main and Balboa. (1)
NORTH ELLEN ST.N.W. corner of N. Ellen St. & W. 1st St. (1)
PARKING LOT G ON COLLEGE HILLBase of the step on upper level 9 (1)
SHIRLEY ST.North dead end of street (near the radio station) (1)
STANLEY ST.N.W. corner of Stanley St. & W. 1st St. (1)
W. 18TH ST.N.E. corner of W. 18th St. & Hudson Rd. (1)

Sand barrels are placed at the above locations and filled with a salt/sand mix. The barrels are typically placed in late October or early November. The barrels are checked and refilled as needed throughout the winter. The barrels are removed in the spring when it is determined they are no longer needed.

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