Art & Culture Board


This board provides support and promotes arts and culture programming for the community, with financial support provided by the City Council, state and federal agencies, and individual community philanthropists. Board members also recommend policies for operations and programming, and gather information for the Hearst Center for the Arts. The Art and Culture Board was established by Section 17-134 of the City Code. The Art and Culture Board meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at 5:00pm at the Hearst Center for the Arts. All meetings are open to the public.

Public Records


Seven members serve four-year terms:

  • Peter Berendzen - Term ends 07/01/2024
  • Lauren Finke - Term ends 07/01/2025
  • Gregory Holt - Term ends 07/01/2025
  • Matthew Hundley - Term ends 07/01/2026
  • Toni Wilson Wood - Term ends 07/01/26
  • Matthew Wilson - Term ends 07/01/2027
  • Vacancy - Term ends 07/01/2027

City Staff Liaison 

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