What has your family been doing for fun while staying at home?  Fill us in-

The Cedar Falls Recreation Division presents the ONE OF A KIND HOMEMADE GAME contest.  People are capable of great things to entertain themselves, so we know there are a number of you that have developed games, sports, or contests for you, your family and friends to play and enjoy in your own home “arena”.  
Whether it is a combination of, a home rules variation on a common activity, sport or game or completely its own “thing” we want to know about it, recognize and reward you for your ability to create a good time with whatever you have access to.  
Send us pictures or video of you or your kids activity and a brief description of your creation to Recreation@cedarfalls.com
by October 19.  We will pick a couple winners whose families will receive a $50.00 credit to use toward a Falls pool pass, Rec Center membership, Shelter Rentals, Youth program, or another City of Cedar Falls Recreation offering. 
We are looking forward to your ideas!