Sewer Problems

Having Sewer Problems?

If water is backing up in your basement, and you're not using any water, there's a possibility the problem could be in the City's sewer main. Call the Sewer Emergency line immediately at (319) 273-8668. This number is answered 24 hours a day.

After Hours Support

After hours you'll get a short, recorded menu. Stay on the line and you'll be connected directly to the City's on-call emergency sewer crew who will respond to your need. There's no charge for this service.

Most Common Sewer Problems

Most of the problems residents call us about occur only when using facilities within the house.

For example, water backs up in a basement floor drain when the washer runs or someone is using the shower or bathroom facilities. The problem is most likely within the home’s private service line and you should call a drain cleaning company.

Where to Find a Drain Cleaning Company

Look for them in the Yellow Pages under "Plumbing Drains & Sewer Cleaning."