Legal Services


The Legal Services Division provides legal counsel and support to all City departments, the Mayor, City Council and all boards and commissions. This includes:
  • Preparation of ordinances, contracts, legal opinions, and other legal documents.
  • Prosecution of suits and violations against the City.
  • Defending suits and actions against the City.
  • Ensuring the City’s compliance with federal, state and local government regulations.
  • Managing union relations including collective bargaining, grievances and arbitration.
  • Oversight and administration of the Risk Management Program which includes the processing of claims made against the City, and securing appropriate general liability, auto, property, workers compensation, and errors and omission insurance for the City.

Growth in Legal Actions

The number of legal actions involving the City and the Legal Services Division has grown dramatically, as a result of aggressive code violation enforcement, litigation and contract development related to economic development activities.

Legal Advice on Private Matters

City attorneys do not provide legal advice to citizens on private matters which do not involve the City of Cedar Falls.