Training Unit

Vision Statement

The Cedar Falls Public Safety Training Division builds solid connections and networking between both the Police Department and Fire Service. The Training Unit strives on professional, ethical and documented training in order to maintain and enhance the education and performance of all personnel within the Public Safety Department.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality, documented training and instruction that is mandated by department policy and required by law. Our goal is to promote safety and education through continuous training to promote safety in the community we serve.

In-Service Training (Police / Fire)

The Cedar Falls Public Safety Training Division provides, develops or coordinates in-house training each month for Police/Fire. In addition, members of the Public Safety Department often attend various training through outside agencies to better educate and prepare themselves. The Training Division is responsible for training current police/fire staff, new police officers/firefighters, reserve police officers, public safety officers, and crossing guards. The Training Division regularly provides training to the community, outside agencies, and other city departments.