Annual Street Construction Program

2019 Street Construction

During the construction season this year, 14 city streets will be reconstructed or restored. The work is funded by the Local Option Sales Tax. Reconstruction involves a total removal and replacement of the roadway, and underground utilities are replaced if needed. Often it requires closing sections of the road for two to three months. Restoration is typically an asphalt overlay, but could include fixing the curb or other smaller issues. Road closures for restoration are typically shorter or only partial closures.

The streets with the most significant impact to traffic will be Cedar Heights Drive from Rainbow Drive to Pleasant Drive, and Melrose Drive from University Avenue Frontage to Royal Drive. Cedar Heights Drive will be split into three stages. Stage 1 begins near 2625 Cedar Heights Drive and continues north to 2425 Cedar Heights Drive; the roadway will be closed during that time. Upon completion, Stage 2 will continue north to Rainbow Drive. During that time Rainbow Drive will be a single lane traffic for a short time. Cedar Heights Drive will be closed during Stage 2. After completion Stage 3 will begin at 2625 Cedar Heights Drive and continuing south to Pleasant Drive. This section will require closure of the intersection of Pheasant Drive and Cedar Heights Drive. It is anticipated that Cedar Heights will be under construction from late March–October 2019, depending on weather. See image below.

Street Consrtuction A

Melrose Drive will begin at University Avenue Frontage Road and continue north approximately 420' (Stage 1). Work will happen in four stages; each section will be closed when under construction. Upon completion of Stage 1, work will continue north to Seerley Boulevard (Stage 2) to include half of the intersection of Seerley Boulevard and Melrose Drive. Stages 3 and 4 will be performed during the late summer and fall months. Due to significant underground utilities replacement, Melrose Drive is anticipated to take the entire construction season to complete, extending into November 2019. Businesses located in all stages will be provided at least one access throughout construction. See image below.

Street Const Exhibit B

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Other streets with construction this year are listed below.

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From To
Cedar Heights Dr. Rainbow Dr. Pleasant Dr.
Clark Dr. Summit Dr. Laurel Circle
Lilac Lane McClain Dr. Carlton Dr.
Melrose Dr. University Ave. Frontage Royal Dr.
Franklin St. West 18th St. West 20th St.
Oregon Road Dallas Dr. South Main St.
Edwards Ave. Rainbow Dr. Grand Blvd.
Big Woods Rd. Dunkerton Rd. North City Limits
Garden Ave. Rainbow Dr. Pleasant Dr.
Highland Dr. West 3rd St. West 4th St.
Holmes Dr. West 4th St. Holmes Elementary
Lexington Dr. West 12th St. Concord Dr.
Terrace Dr. Rownd St. Dead End
Hudson Rd. West 22nd St. West 12th St.
Rainbow Drive    
 N. Division Street    
 W. 16th Street