Registration Begins March 1

This Program is Delivered by the Black Hawk Tennis Club

Ages: 5 Years and Older
Dates:  June-July
Days:  Monday/Wednesday & Tuesday/Thursday Classes available 
Location:  UNI Tennis Courts (south end) 

  • 5–7 year olds  Red Ball Class  11:00-11:55am
  • 7-10 year olds  Orange Ball Class  9:00-9:55am
  • 10-12 year olds  Green Ball Class 10:00-10:55am
  • 12 year olds & up  Yellow Ball Class  11:00-11:55am

This is a great partnership for Cedar Falls and the tennis club, to help teach youth with the right tennis ball, proper grips and form to help them have the best success. Many people ask why use the red, orange and green balls? Just like other sports, they don’t put a full size men’s basketball in the hands of a five year old with a hoop at regulation height and expect them to have success. Tennis is the same, by teaching them with the proper tools for success they are more likely to enjoy this lifelong sport!

On-Line Registration and Details