Basketball Tournament Rules

Basketball on Floor

3 on 3 Youth Basketball Tournament

Teams Register under team captain name.
Team will be named the last name of the team captain.

Grade Divisions:

  • 2nd Grade & Under
  • 4th Grade & Under
  • 6th Grade & Under
  • 8th Grade & Under

Registration Information:

  • Captain must register
  • Male, Female & Coed team registration is taken. All play in same tournament. All female teams spotted points.

Rules & Regulations:

  • Each team will consist of three or four players
  • If a player wishes to play in an older division they may do so
  • Players should only play on one team
  • Teams will be grouped in divisions with other teams of their grade group
  • Games will be played on half court
  • No spectators will be allowed on the gym floor, there is a viewing area available on the track


  • One point per basket
  • First team to 15 points, up by two, wins; or team ahead after 20 minutes
  • All female teams spotted 3 points
  • No time limits once a Final 4 team bracket is reached
  • Possession alternates after each basket


  • Team is allotted five team fouls; on the 5th foul; opposing team gets to shoot one foul shot and given back possession of the ball on either a missed or made foul shot.
  • Participants or fans found in the gym with food or beverage will be asked to leave.
  • If a player wishes to play in an older age division they may do so.
  • No spectators or "coaches" will be allowed on gym floor at any time under any circumstances.