Fleet Maintenance

What We Do

  • Maintain the City fleet for Cedar Falls
  • Provide preventive maintenance and repair services for all City vehicles and equipment including Police and Fire and excluding Human & Leisure Services
  • Maintain more than 300 pieces of City owned equipment
  • Provides fabricating and welding services for City departments in need of this service
Fleet Maintenance

Equipment Maintained

Motor Graders, End Loaders, Dump Trucks, Fire Trucks, Police Cars, Pickups, Water Pumps, Chain Saws, Lawn Mowers

Staff Responsibilities

  • Develops vehicle and equipment specifications, solicits bids and participates in the procurement process, completes required builds relative to in services needs, maintains, and finally disposes of all surplus units.
  • Maintains a complete and comprehensive computerized fleet management program which tracks operation and maintenance costs and provides the critical information relative to fleet decisions.
  • Coordinates compliance with all applicable regulatory agencies associated with government and commercial fleet operations.

Goal of Fleet Maintenance

The Fleet Maintenance Section strives to establish and maintain efficient and effective delivery of fleet services by providing City departments with safe, reliable, economical, and environmentally sound transportation and related support services that are responsive to the various needs of these departments with emphasis on conserving the value of the vehicle and equipment investment.