Washington Park

Shelter4.JPGBallfield2.JPGLocation: End of East 9th Street
*This is now the only entrance to Washington Park
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Acreage:  39 Acres

To Rent the Shelter:  

  • Shelters in the parks may be reserved in advance.To Book the Shelter, you may do so at The Cedar Falls Recreation and Fitness Center at 110 E. 13th St Cedar Falls or on-line

*Ball Diamond
*Open Spaces
*Restrooms at park entrance
*Parking Lots
*Boat Ramp/Water Access
*6 Shelters
*Play Equipment
*Bike Trail Surrounding Park

Washington Map

Washington Park sign
About the Park
Acquired in 1920, this park at one time had a 9-hole golf course next to the Cedar River, the golf course was permanently destroyed with the 2008 floods. The land was originally donated by Henry Pfeiffer and a gift of $10,000 to build the golf course with the stipulation that the park be named for his Brother, Washington Pfeiffer. This park, reconstructed in 2012, is adjacent to an interesting stretch of river, with opportunities for observation of migratory birds wintering on the open river and views of activity along the popular recreation trail on the opposite bank. A boating ramp great for canoes or kayaks. Great for large family gatherings.
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