Tourist Park

Tourist BasketLocation: 400 Center St.
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Acreage: 10 Acres

To Rent the Shelter:  

  • Shelters in the parks may be reserved in advance.To Book the Shelter, you may do so at The Cedar Falls Recreation and Fitness Center at 110 E. 13th St Cedar Falls or on-line

*18 Hole Disc Golf Course
*Open Shelter
*Parking Lot

Printable Scorecards for both of our Cedar Falls disc golf courses

About the Park
Acquired in 1922, this area originally held tourist cabins and included animals as attractions. At one time animals were in Island Park as well.  The park is set in a mature grove of floodplain trees and dense under story vegetation lines the west bank of Snag Creek. The levee between the Center Street Bridge and the dam separates the Park from the riverfront, but provides access to a commanding view of the dam, Cedar River and downtown Cedar Falls.

Tourist Park sign

Tourist Park shelter