Island Park


218 Center Street Get Directions
Acreage: 104 Acres
Beach House Layout
Interior Beach House Photos

To Rent the Shelters(Scroll down for Beach House Info):  

  • Shelters in the parks may be reserved in advance.To Book the Shelter, you may do so at The Cedar Falls Recreation and Fitness Center at 110 E. 13th St Cedar Falls or on-line
  • Electricity cannot be guaranteed in the shelter #1 due to vandalism and/or weather conditions.

Island Park Facilities:
*Two Boat Ramps
*Mooring Area
*5 Open Shelters
*Shelter #1 has Electricity
*2 Play Equipment Areas
*Picnic Areas
*Open Space
*Parking Lots
*Day Beach
*Beach House

Trail Access:  Cedar Valley Lakes

Beach House Information

The Island Park Beach House is available to be rented one calendar year prior to your event date.
When renting the facility for private events here are your options to choose from:
• The East (bridge side), which can hold up to 120 people in a banquet style seating if desired.
• The entire building with banquet style seating for around 180.
Each side has a stainless steel serving counter and a sink with hot and cold water available for use. The facility comes with the appropriate number of tables and chairs located in storage rooms on either side of the facility. A garage door separates the two sides. Men’s and women’s rest rooms are located on the east side of the building with access from the outside of the building and are available to the general public using the trails or park. Windows open for an enjoyable view of the park and river. Ceiling fans will help move the air in an effort to keep the inside of the building cool on the hot summer days ahead. A small deck/patio is available with the respective ends on the river side of the building.

The following is the current rental fees and deposits.
Monday–Thursday/Friday-Sunday & All Holidays
Area to be rented:

  • East or bridge side $125/$200
  • Entire building $175/$275
  • A deposit check of $500 is required for east side or $750 for the rental of the entire building. Deposits may be picked up after 3 days when returning the facility key after property has been checked by city staff to assure there was no damage.
  • Please remember the park, and thus the building by ordinance, closes at 10:30pm so plan accordingly.
  • A key to the facility can be picked up at the Rec Center up to 36 hours in advance of a rental and must be returned within 2 business days of the rental. Please check Rec Center OPEN hours.  A fee will be assessed if a city staff member is needed to assist you during closed hours.

1. Must be at least 21 years of age to rent the facility.
2. The facility can only be used from 8am -park closing at 10:30pm.
3. Responsible for picking up all refuse and removing all bags of trash by closing time the day of the rental and placing it in the dumpster provided.
4. May NOT use any form of tape, nails, hooks, thumb tacks, staples,sticky tacky substance or like products on walls, windows, doors, ceiling, or fans.
5. May not enter the building before 8am and remove all items by 10:30pm.
6. May NOT store items overnight either before the rental or after the rental.