Hartman Reserve Nature Center

Squirrel.jpgLocation:  Timber Drive and Greenwood Avenue
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Acreage: 287 Acres
Trail Access:  South Riverside Trail

About Nature Center
The original 56 acres of land for Hartman Reserve Nature Center (originally named Camp Hartman Reserve) was purchased in 1938 by the YMCA with a $4,000 donation from John C. Hartman. It was purchased by Black Hawk County in 1976 and greatly expanded in the years 1976, 1990, and 1994.
Hartman Reserve Nature Center is a wooded isle located in the heart of metropolitan Black Hawk County. This natural area extends from an upland bluff, overlooking the Cedar River Valley, down to the banks of the Cedar River. Within the forest are a series of gravel pits, backwater, vernal depressions, a small prairie, and an open meadow.
The Hartman Interpretive Center is perched on a bluff above the River in the midst of this upland forest. It houses displays and exhibits and is connected to the forest by a web of trails and bridges. The center is also available for rental.