Fiscal Year 2025

Financial Reports & Budget Documents

We are pleased to present our financial reports and budget documents online. Document links are added as they are completed by Financial Services at various times of the year. Please be patient during the download of these files, as some are quite large.

  • Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR)
  • Capital Improvements Program (CIP) Booklet PDF Version (25.1 MB)
  • Budget Brochure
  • Max Levy Resolution
  • Goals
  • Financial Plan
    • Introduction - Includes Title Page, Table of Contents, List of Principal Officials, and Citywide Organizational Charts
    • Reader’s Guide - Includes an overview of the budget document
    • Budget Message - Includes Major Initiatives, City Council Goals, and Financial Strategies
    • Financial Impact - Includes charts and narrative regarding the major financial impacts of the budget
    • Budget Highlights - Includes a summary of increases and decreases in the budget by individual division
    • General Fund - Includes detailed information on the city’s main operating fund
    • Other Funds - Includes detailed information for all other city funds
    • Long-Term Debt - Includes charts and tables summarizing the city’s outstanding debt
    • Capital Improvement Program - Includes the current CIP and short descriptions about each project(for detailed information showing maps and impacts of each individual project, please refer to the CIP booklet above)
    • Background Data and Glossary - Includes various charts about city employment, building permits, residential sales, and miscellaneous statistics
  • Fee Schedule