City Proclamation Requests

Purpose and requirements

An official City Proclamation may be requested to commemorate a special event, anniversary, or other significant dates.  All official city proclamations require city council approval and are signed by the Mayor.  Proclamations can be requested by:

  • Residents of the City of Cedar Falls.
  • Organizations with direct connections to Cedar Falls. 
  • City of Cedar Falls council members or employees.

Proclamations should have a demonstrable tie to Cedar Falls, which may include significant accomplishments by residents, noteworthy historical anniversaries, “Year of…” declarations, or other special commemorations of days, weeks, or months by Cedar Falls residents and organizations. The City of Cedar Falls reserves the right to deny any proclamation request.

How to submit a request

Requests must be e-mailed to at least 30 days prior to the desired proclamation date. Approval well in advance will allow the greatest flexibility for scheduling a video shoot or other special publishing arrangement.

Information required in the email for an official city proclamation request are:

  1. Submitter Name (plus title / organizational affiliation as appropriate).
  2. Submitter Mailing Address and E-mail Address.
  3. Date of Need for Signed Proclamation.
  4. Desired Presentation Venue (Mayor’s Office, City Studio, Site Visit, other).
  5. Draft Proclamation Text (including 3-6 Whereas Clauses and a Therefore Clause).

The city reserves the right to edit proclamations for clarity and brevity, and will normally consult with the submitter regarding any substantive changes.

Approval and publication

Proclamation requests shall be considered for council approval under a single cover memo in the regular council meeting consent calendar. Proclamations shall not normally be read aloud during council meetings, in the interest of council meeting efficiency.

After approval by the City Council, the Mayor shall sign the final formal proclamation document under the city seal within a formal presentation folder.

The Mayor shall promptly return the signed proclamation to the submitter, and will normally offer a photo opportunity in the Mayor’s Office, a site visit, social media broadcast, or other location and date/time as agreed upon by the submitter and Mayor.

Proclamation Example

CFD 1127: Official City Proclamations policy