Advocacy Committee

Committee members: Bock, Ingham, Kliegl, Wiebers


  • Speak on behalf of the HRC on public concerns/issues
  • Recommend appropriate actions to involved parties
  • Be the initial point of contact for the community


  • Maintain HRC involvement in the local complaint process for those that wish to engage at the city
  • Serve as communication first responders


  • Help complainants fill out forms
  • Coordinate Iowa Civil Rights Commission (ICRC) cooperation
  • Provide training on the complaint process
  • Work with staff on HRC website page and update the site with statements and proclamations
  • Field community concerns
  • Attend City council meetings as needed and work to maintain regular proclamations that are associated with community events
  • Provide first response to concerns and issue general statements regarding community public relations incidents
  • Receive and respond to complaints and concerns
  • Write letters in support of community members surrounding human rights issues