Winter Storms

About Winter Storms

The winter season often presents hazardous driving conditions and circumstances which are inconvenient and frustrating for everyone—home owners, motorists, pedestrians, emergency services, and snowplow operators alike.

Because it is impossible to immediately service the entire street system, priorities have been established and services are delivered in order of priority.

Winter Service & Maintenance

Winter service and maintenance of city streets may include:
  • Sand Application
  • Chemical Deicing
  • Anti-Icing Treatment
  • Snowplowing
  • Snow Removal
  • Any combination of these services

Plan for a Winter Storm

Planning for a winter storm is difficult. No two winter storms are exactly the same. Each storm presents its own unique set of complexities that must be carefully considered and evaluated in order to determine the type and degree of service required, and when the various services should be initiated.

A Special Thank You

The Public Works Department would like to thank residents and motorists for your patience and consideration during this ice and snow season.