Commercial Inspections

Building Access

Natural gas meters protected from damage by vehicles

Propane or fuel storage is protected from damage by vehicles

Combustible storage is clear of the structure and not under stairs

Exit stairways in good repair

Exit paths are unobstructed and in good repair

Outside dumpsters are kept at least 5 feet from combustible walls, windows, doors and overhangs and the lids kept shut

Dryer lint traps and vents are clear of lint buildup

Electrical outlets and electrical connections are in good condition

Exterior doors to fire alarm panel, sprinkler risers and electrical room are labeled

Accessory Uses

Storage area interior finish, (sheetrock, floors, ceiling) do not have penetrations from damage

Storage of chemicals and flammable combustible liquids complies with  fire codes

Furnace, mechanical, and boiler rooms are free from combustible storage

Any changes in building occupancy, use, or storage had been done with proper permits in place

Meeting rooms with an occupancy of more than 49 persons have 2 exits, exit signs, and a posted occupancy limit sign

Assembly occupancy has occupancy limit sign posted by front door

MSDS information is on site and up to date

Fire Department Access
Driveways and fire lanes are unobstructed with proper clearances

Fire lane markings and signs are in good repair and enforced

Address numbers and suite numbers are clearly visible for emergency response

Where required, Fire department Knox Box is in place and keys are current

Other fire code issues may arise during inspection.  Should you have further questions feel free to contact us at (319) 273-8612 or through email: