Public Event Permit

All Applications are subject to approval by the Director of Finance and Business Operations or designee. If approved, a Public Event Permit shall be issued which shall be in the possession of the applicant at all times during the Public Event, and shall be subject to inspection by City staff. Other permits and/or licenses may be required in addition to the Public Event Permit, depending upon the nature of the public event. City staff is available to provide assistance with such other permits and/or licenses. 

Approval of an Application for a Public Event Permit is subject to the factors set forth in Cedar Falls Code of Ordinances Sec. 17-210. If an Application is denied, the Applicant may appeal such denial to the Administration Committee of the Cedar Falls City Council by filing a written appeal (form available upon request) with the City Clerk at the address listed above within 10 days of such denial. The Administration Committee shall consider such appeal within 21 days of the filing of the appeal, if practicable.