Cedar Falls Racial Equity Task Force

Task Force Information

In February 2021, the Mayor requested the creation of a Task Force to provide guidance and recommendations to the City of Cedar Falls to address long-term challenges of racial equity in the city.  

They were tasked with providing a final report to the Mayor and City Council that identifies specific problems and shortfalls by October 1.  The final report was submitted on October 12 and formally presented to the council on November 1. 

The Task Force shall also make formal recommendations for follow-on action, including policy and procedure change recommendations, and identification of ongoing efforts and resourcing needed to promote an inclusive and diverse community and to eliminate both real and perceived racial inequity in Cedar Falls. 


The task force is scheduled to meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, at 4 PM, starting on April 28, 2021. These will be public meetings, held virtually via zoom.


This section contains the agendas and Materials for the Human Rights Task Force.  Please refer to the links below for the agendas and the meeting materials.

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This section contains the minutes for the Human Rights Task Force.  Please refer to the links below for the minutes.

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Committee Members

            Executive Committee

            Frank Darrah, Non-voting Chairperson of CFRETF & City Council member 

            Kelly Dunn, Vice Chair of CFRETF and City Council member

            Eshaan Vajpeyi, Cedar Falls Human Rights Commission Vice Chairperson

            Melissa Heston, Cedar Falls Human Rights Commission member

            Community Task Force Members

        Andy Pattee, Superintendent, Cedar Falls Community School District

            Felicia Smith-Nalls, Neighborhood Services Coordinator, City of Waterloo 

   LaTanya Graves, President, Black Hawk County NAACP 

   Lisa Sesterhenn, Public Health Planner, Black Hawk County Health Dept 

   Paul Lee, City of Cedar Falls Civil Service Commission; Director of Children & Family Catechesis/Religious        Education, Catholic Parishes of Waterloo

               Wilfred “Mickye” Johnson, retired, UNI-CUE, Director of Classic Upward Bound

               Will Frost, Director of Talent Development, Grow Cedar Valley

            City Staff (non-voting)

              Jennifer Rodenbeck, Director of Finance & Business Operations

              Kevin Rogers, City Attorney

              Craig Berte, Chief of Police

              Katie Terhune, Administrative Assistant