Report a Stormwater Issue

Please help us keep our water resources clean, by letting us know when you notice anyone discharging anything that is not stormwater to streets, or water bodies. This includes when you see sediment in the street (that does not have barriers and protections in street inlets), dumpsters that are over full or leaking, trash, etc.

The following links are storm water pollution prevention report forms to be used by the public. You can use either of these forms to file a complaint. By reporting storm water, erosion and runoff problems, you can help prevent pollution from entering our watershed.

Storm Water Complaint Form (printable version)

Storm Water Complaint Form (online version)

Your report may also be submitted by phone to the Engineering Division at 319-268-5161 or after hours by calling 319-273-8668.

Type of Problems 

  • Dumping into storm drain 
  • Inappropriate disposal of yard waste
  • Slope of bank erosion 
  • Inappropriate cleanout or concrete truck
  • Construction site erosion or debris
  • Debris/litter 
  • Vehicles leaking excessive amounts of grease or oil
  • Improper disposal of paint, chemicals, solvents, oil or grease 
  • Mud on the streets
  • Observations of oil, mud, different colors, or trash on the waters
  • Food grease and oils
  • Report any color changes on the streams, lakes, ponds or river:green tinted water
  • Report when dumpsters are overfull:overfilled dumpster
  • Report if there is evidence of something besides rainwater getting to the storm system:concrete dust inlet
  • Report when there is evidence of trash getting to the creeks or creek banks:trash on the banks
  • Report anyone directing a hose or directly emptying something to the storm sewer:improper draining
  • Report inappropriate disposal of grass clippings and yard waste:inappropriate disposal of grass clippings and trash
  • Report sewage overflows:Example of a sanitary sewer overflow