Voluntary Camera Registration

About the program:

The City of Cedar Falls Police Division is committed to partnering with our citizens and businesses to proactively prevent and solve criminal activity. The voluntary camera registration program is a way for citizens and businesses to take an active role in public safety.  Camera systems are a deterrent to crime and may assist police to save time when looking for investigative leads, locating lost children or other missing persons.

How it works:

Citizens and businesses can register their private cameras with the Cedar Falls Police Division using the link below.  In the event of a criminal investigation the Division will contact the owner if they believe that it may provide valuable information and provide quick access to your contact information.

How the information is protected:

Your privacy is important to the Cedar Falls Police Division.  Voluntarily registering your camera will not provide direct access to it and it will never be accessed without your consent.  It does not make it available to the public and every effort will be made to keep your information secure. It is only for official law enforcement use when a crime occurs. An investigator will still ask permission from the owner to access their video.  Within the Division only those employees with a bona fide need will have access to it.

How can I or my business participate?

Sign up is simple and quick...just click on the link below to access the registration form.

Register for the program


Please contact the Investigations Supervisor at 319-268-5139 with any questions.