Data Downloads

Cedar Falls Data (Available in Esri File Geodatabase, Esri Shapefile & AutoCAD Drawing formats.  Click the format you want to download to access the file.

  • Sanitary sewer (Password required. Please email
  • Storm sewer (Password required. Please email
  • Buildings (Address points & Building polygons)
  • Transportation (Roads, Trails & Railroad lines)
  • Subdivisions (Subdivisions & Platted easements)
  • Places of Interest (Parks, Cemeteries, Schools, Commerce)
  • Zoning (Zoning, ReZoning & Overlay polygons & Agreement points)
  • Land Use (Future Land Use polygons, Future Roads & Trails lines)
  • Rentals
  • Urban Renewal Areas
  • Precincts & Wards
  • Annexations
  • Waterbodies (Rivers, Creeks, Lakes, Wetlands)

Other Data