Single Family Residence

Residence Garbage Pickup

The City of Cedar Falls refuse collection has been completely automated since August 1997. Residents have a choice of three sizes of automated containers.


The following rates apply:

  • Small- (32/35) gallon container – $9.46 per month
  • Medium (64/68) gallon container – $17.86 per month
  • Large (95/96) gallon container – $27.84 per month

Sizes may vary by cart manufacturer. Possible sizes are listed above in parentheses.

Refuse Bags

  • One extra refuse bag is allowed per household. The bag must have an approved Cedar Falls Bag Tag attached to it. Bag Tags can be purchased at the Transfer Station for $1.25 each.
  • Bags that do not have an approved bag tag attached will not be picked up.
  • Bags placed upon the ground will not be picked up.
  • The driver will not leave the truck to pick up any refuse bags.


  • Residents should place carts out to the curb prior to 7:00 am on their scheduled day of collection.
  • Carts should be placed a clear distance from obstacles such as parked cars, mailboxes, and utility poles.
  • Residents are asked to remove their carts from curbside by 8:00 pm on collection day.
  • If a cart becomes damaged and is in need of repair call the Public Works Department at (319) 273-8629 to schedule repair or replacement.
  • Cart repair is normally done on the day of collection.
  • If you would like to exchange the size of your cart please call the Public Works Department at (319) 273-8629. Residents will receive one free exchange per year. If the cart is exchanged more than once a year there will be a $20 fee.