Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer technology combining geographic data (the location of human-made and natural features on the earth's surface) and other types of information (names, classifications, addresses, and much more) to generate visual maps and reports. Cedar Falls GIS is a multi-faceted program that supports and promotes coordinated 'location-based' data development and access across jurisdictional and departmental boundaries.

The City of Cedar Falls strives to make maps and geographic data widely available for the general good of the community while protecting confidential information and respecting the privacy of individuals to the extent provided under the Iowa Open Records Law.

Visit the Maps & Data page to find interactive maps, PDF maps for downloading/printing and links to other resources. The City can print larger sized maps for a fee to cover paper and ink costs.

If the maps of data you need are not available through these sources please email us with your request. We will fulfill your request if possible and inform you of any fees that may apply.