Cedar River Recreational and Riverbank Improvement Project

Whitewater parks have emerged as a viable way to provide river-related recreation. Whitewater kayaking is one of the fastest growing outdoor sports in the country, and diverse communities varying in population and geographic characteristics are returning to their rivers for environmental restoration, recreation, education, and local pride.

The Cedar River has great potential to host a multi-use park. Improvements to the bank and channel would help open the river to recreational use by paddlers, anglers, and other users within the community, as well as help enhance the aquatic habitat for the fish and waterfowl that inhabit the river.

The City of Cedar Falls has developed a Cedar River Master Plan for the river corridor from the Center Street bridge to the W. 1st Street bridge. This Master Plan includes in-river activities and river bank amenities. The preliminary design for Phase I of the Master Plan is underway. This is the area from the Main Street bridge to the downstream side of the W. 1st Street bridge. Plans for this improvement project are under review by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the Army Corps of Engineers.

Donations to the Cedar River Recreational Enhancement project can be made here.

The following links will provide information on the Cedar River Recreational and Riverbank Improvement Project.

Presentation Video for the CR Rec Project

Master Plan

City Council Presentation March 5, 2018

Cedar River Safety & Recreational River Improvements, Phase 1 Plan

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