Party Rental Options


Booking information

1. We prefer at least 2 weeks notice on booking requests.
2. The contract is effective as soon as payment is made. To secure a date for your child’s birthday-call or email us. Payment due at the time of booking.
3. Renter will assume responsibility for the cost of replacement or repairs for any damages incurred by the rental group during the use of the facility.
4. Renter understands that facility rules are in effect at parties and anyone violating those rules repeatedly will be asked to leave.
5. Contact Person is responsible for children left here at conclusion of rental. Rental ends promptly at the 2 hour mark. Extensions beyond scheduled time will result in additional fees.
6. May arrive 15 minutes prior to rental time.
7. Pictures of participants will be taken to use in publicity or promotion related to the City of Cedar Falls unless objection is submitted in writing.
8. Renters and Attendees do not need to be members of The Cedar Falls Recreation and Fitness Center.
9. Rental Fee includes admission into the facility for all party goers.


For Booking Party at the Rec Center Contact:
Christine Anderson 319-273-8636

  • $125 Fee for a 2 hour private party
  • Reserve our FitGym Basketball Court for your event.  
  • The Multi Purpose Room will be available for your food and drink meeting place.  You may bring in cake, snacks and any food along with paper products you may want for your party.  
  • Package includes exclusive use of the FitGym basketball court  and the Multi-Purpose Room for 2 hours. Package accommodates 25.  


Kids poolFor Booking a Party at the Pools
Contact: Chris Schoentag 319-273-8636 

Holmes & Peet Pool

  • $65/hour for parties up to 75 people
  • $80/hour for parties over 75 people

The Falls Aquatic Center

  • Fees are for a 2 hour private party
  • Safari Falls  $220
  • Rock Falls  $345
  • Safari Falls & Adventure Falls  $445
  • Rock Falls & Adventure Falls  $545
  • Entire Facility  $645
  • + Open Concession Stand  $35/hour

Pool Booking Times Available:
Booking Times Available: Outside regular rec swim hours
The Falls Memorial Weekend -August only
Holmes-Year Round

Don't see anything here? - try our friends at The Hearst Center:
For Booking a Party at the Hearst Center
Contact: Angie Hickok 319-268-5504