Group Rental Permit

This permit provides for a dwelling unit to be occupied by more than the number specified under the family definition of legal, non-conforming existing rentals. The permit is not transferable to a new owner. Prior to the meeting, an evaluative written report with a recommendation, is prepared. This is typically provided to the committee and applicant the Friday before the meeting.


Group rental applications are reviewed by a staff committee that meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays each month at 7:00 a.m. in the Duke Young Room at City Hall. Applications for a group rental received by noon on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month will be scheduled for the next committee meeting.

Application for a group rental is made by completing the New Rental / Change of Ownership Application. The following items and information must be attached to the completed application:
  • Rental fee
  • Pictures of the interior and exterior of the property (jpeg or tif)
  • Detailed interior floor plan (including dimensions of each room)
  • Detailed property sketch including aspects such as:
    • Showing locations of: house, driveway, attached structures, etc.
    • Labeling surfaces: gravel, paved, etc.
    • Dimensioning house and driveway, including noting distance from lot lines
  • Indication of the maximum level of occupancy desired:


The Group Rental Committee evaluates requests on the merits of the property and the structure’s carrying capacity. The ordinance identifies seven areas to consider (it does not require that all be met, rather it is a balance of the degree to which they are met or not that impacts the decision regarding the level of occupancy). For a copy of the ordinance changes click here. Following is a summary of those areas and some of the aspects that would be evaluated in the staff report provided to the committee.
  • Impact to character of the neighborhood (density, vehicles)
    • What is the capacity of the house/lot for the level of occupancy desired?
    • Have bedrooms been added from the original structure, with the goal of expanding the use beyond the appropriate capacity?
    • What is the level of rental and owner-occupied housing within the block or other nearby areas?
    • Would there be spillover parking from the requested level of occupancy and where would that occur?
    • What other impacts might the neighborhood experience?
    • Compliance with the International Property Maintenance Code
      • Evaluation of the level of property maintenance and if improvements are needed
      • Sufficient lot size (width, area)
        • Is the lot 70’ wide and 8,000 square feet, at a minimum?
        • Are zoning requirements met?
        • Provides adequate off-street parking (1 per bedroom)
          • Parking location, screening, etc. meets current City codes
          • Adequate public infrastructure
            • Are there known sanitary sewer issues?
            • Are there known flooding or stormwater issues?
            • Buffering of parking
            • Compliance record for property or others under the same ownership