Rental Code and Permit Information

Rental Code

The City of Cedar Falls is mandated through Iowa State Code to establish a minimum acceptable standard for rental properties. The Department of Public Safety, Fire Division/Rental Housing is the local city department performing those duties. We currently have one inspector working through the Fire Chief conducting inspections on a rotational 3-year basis. The most recent update to the rental code was adopted on December 18, 2017. Here is a link to a copy of the current rental code.

Rental Permits

Any property in the City of Cedar Falls that is to be used as a rental must first obtain a rental permit before rental occupancy can be granted. This applies to current rentals, new rentals, and rentals that are coming under new ownership. See link for New Rental/Change in Ownership ApplicationRental permits must be renewed every three years by a rental inspection or the rental status of the property will expire. To find out when your next inspection is due or when your rental permit expires call (319) 273-8697. Note that rental permits are not transferable to subsequent owners. Rental property owners are required to keep updated contact information on file with the rental department.  Mail or submit completed applications, including any required supplemental materials, with the applicable fee to: Public Safety Services, 4600 Main Street, Cedar Falls Iowa 50613. The application and supplemental information may also be emailed to the rental Inspector, Lt. Matt Krueger (use the link to get in contact with Lt. Krueger). If you have questions, please contact the Rental Inspector at (319) 273-8697. Only complete applications (including supplemental materials) will be accepted for review.

Rental Occupancy Review Process

The rental review process starts with submitting a New Rental/Change in Ownership Application. The application process varies depending upon the request and conditions of the property.

The Group Rental Committee meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month. Rental applications for higher occupancy received by noon on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month will be scheduled for the subsequent Group Rental Committee meeting. The Board of Rental Housing Appeals meets as needed. 

Paving Rental Driveways/Parking Lots

All new rentals must complete this prior to use as a rental. Rentals registered prior to 8/19/14 must have a hard surface driveway and or parking area/parking lot within three years from their next inspection. Acceptable hard surfaces include: asphalt (HMA), concrete (PCC), pavers, and brick. A land use permit is needed prior to completing the work. Here are links to city requirements for driveways and parking lots

If you have questions please feel free to contact the Rental Housing Department at (319) 273-8697 or Planning and Community Services Division at 319-273-8600.