Board of Rental Housing Appeals


This board hears appeals relative to rental permits. The City’s codes base occupancy on the carrying capacity of the property, taking into account the size of the house and property, available on-site parking, maintenance condition of the property and other factors.  Property owners may appeal to this Board within thirty days of the action or decision of the Group Rental Committee. The Board also reviews the assessment of points given to a rental property for an issue. Points may be related to a loud party, lack of property maintenance, lack of compliance with other codes as specified in Section 11-297 of the City Code. A property owner may appeal the assessment of infraction points against the dwelling unit within fourteen days of receiving the points.

The Board of Rental Housing Appeals was established by Section 11-301 of the City Code. Meetings are held as needed at 4:00pm at City Hall and are open to the public.

Public Records


Seven members serve four-year terms:

  • Cindy Wiles - Term ends 05/01/2024
  • Vacancy - Term ends 05/01/2024
  • Vacancy - Term ends 05/01/2025
  • Dan Berregaard - Term ends 05/01/2026
  • Kim Kranz - Term ends 05/01/2026
  • MaryJane McCollum - Term ends 05/01/2027
  • Bruce Wingert - Term ends 05/01/2027

City Staff Liaison

Apply for Appointment

Submit the General Application on the Boards & Commissions homepage, and check the checkbox for this board/commission. You’ll be notified when a board opening occurs for further consideration. Board membership seeks diversity from the following categories: owner-occupied residential property; single or multi-unit rental investment residential property, residential student tenant; and residential non-student tenant.