Public Art

Open Call For Public Art Proposals – Trail Project RFQ

Deadline extended to February 15, 2024


Since 1999, the Cedar Falls Public Art Committee (CFPAC) has implemented public art projects across the city to enhance and compliment the vibrant cultural scene of the community. These public artworks have become iconic elements of the city’s landscape.

We've been able to complete the following projects with the help of donations from community members who support art as well as funded in part with Hotel Motel Tax. Tax deductible donations are always welcomed via the Cedar Falls Community Foundation.



2005, Robert Craig
3rd & Main Streets
"This major sculpture was inspired by Cedar Falls' architecture and landscape, the Cedar River, and the sense of renewal and energy present  along Main Street.  As the title suggests, I designed a sculpture that would  entice by fascination and appeal."


Drop Leaf Chicken

2004, Scott Wallace
Cedar Falls Public Library
"Drop Leaf Chicken' is intended to reflect American domestic culture. The  sculpture, which exploits scale  relationships, is presented as an amalgam of  embellished forms inspired by the shapes, ornamental qualities, and symbolic  wealth of decorative objects.  Specifically: a decorative chicken, a drop leaf  table, a lace doily, and the shapes often found within wallpaper patterns."



2002, Tom Stancliffe
Cedar Falls City Hall
"The imagery for this relief deals with the geologic landscape and the history  of Cedar Falls.  The geologic  landscape emphasizes the  Cedar River and was  created on the steel through the use of etching  and  burnishing."



2001, Gillian Christy
Hearst Sculpture Garden
"It is in 'Nestled' that I explore home and nature.  The branch symbolizes nature, and the spine upholding  everyday life and the many choices and decisions one can make.  Home embodies familiarity, all held  together with the safe supports of family, friends, and community."


North Is Up

2004, Dennis Swanson
 Hearst Sculpture Garden
 Gift given in memory of Isabella & Raymund Swanson.
 "North Is Up' carries the instructions for its placement.  Two  limestone architectural fragments bend the  directions as  they  wrap our globe, then reach longingly for the pole star  and  another world."


Standing Stone

2004, Marie Camille Truscott Lentsch
Cedar Falls Utilities
"Free standing and sovereign strength celebrate the journey in the life of this glacial erratic granite stone.  'Standing Stone's' strength is both imposing and serene, a tribute to all journeys ancient and new.  Whether seen as a burden or full of the gravity of grace, here rides 'Standing Stone.'"


Horse and Rider

2002, Jim Benedict
Cedar Falls Visitor Center
"Horse and Rider' is my interpretation of the classic equestrian form. This piece is my first attempt at  creating a three dimensional sculpture with steel and serves as a transition from my more two dimensional works."



2000, Marc Moulton
Hearst Center for the Arts
"Whisk' is a dynamic cyclone touching down at the Hearst Center. With a form similar to swirling winds and  lightning bolts, 'Whisk' imparts action and movement to the front entrance at the Hearst Center."



Eclipse #5



2002, Rob Lorenson                2002, Rob Lorenson
Hearst Sculpture Garden         Hearst Sculpture Garden
"In each of these pieces the elements of my work exist in suspended animation. They are situated as  though to freeze a moment in time in which  they exist effortlessly in space. The work is constructed of sturdy permanent  materials that allow this to happen but yet is in contradiction to the  impermanent sense of the composition. The forms have boldness and  exactness that have become hallmarks of my work. The circular forms are inspired by cycles within our existence, with the evidence of the inconsistencies of life."


Temporal Dialogue

2002, Bounnak Thammavong
 Hearst Sculpture Garden
 "Marking a Moment' is a form based on the sundial.  The base is a  disc with an inverted cone on top.  'Perpetual Impact' is a  geometric  disc form with an organic squiggle set on top to break  its symmetry  and  imply a direction."


It's All Relative

2003, Jerry Cowger
2nd & Main Streets
"Life is a moving, growing, and ever-changing pursuit and art reflects that truth perfectly. 'It's All Relative'  is a brief but telling pause that provides a look into, not only the moment a design is conceived in the artist's heart, but the path of perseverance he chose which brought it into being."


Gateway to the Trails

2000, Bruce White
Peter Melendy Park
"For a period of years I have been engaged in creating both interior and exterior artwork for architectural  and public spaces...I am always excited about opportunities to create large-scale works in unique settings."


Ebb Tide

2000, Tom Stancliffe
4th & Main Streets
"Ebb Tide' is a response to observations of flora and fauna clinging tenaciously to every available surface in  the warm ocean waters a myriad of life that appears alternately fluid and lush or abrasive and arid as the  tides rise and fall at the whim of the moon."



2003, Marc Moulton
Olsens' Park
"Epic is a soaring symbol of action and force, the physical representation of Spirit, Place, and Community.  As a metaphor of an endless river rushing against a timeless earth, it embodies the goals and values of our  community."



2012, Thelma Weresh
First & Main Streets
Donated to the City of Cedar Falls by the family of Shirley and Gene Blair, this life-size sculpture in front of the Oster Regent Theatre depicts Gene's parents, Merle and Winifred Blair, who bought the theater in 1921 and operated it as a movie theater.



2016, Tim Jorgensen
Fourth & Main Streets
Purchased by the Cedar Falls Public Art Committee, this life- size sculpture is stainless steel and painted mild steel. "Sinuate is a leaf form and a style of leaf. It means to curve in and out or bend in and out. The leaf forms and I-beams represent a balance between nature and industry."



 JT-3 Rotation

2002, Matthew Moore
Hearst Sculpture Garden
Gift of the Gardens to Main Street


Fence Roadway

2020, Gillian Christy
Cedar Falls City Hall

This stainless steel and enamel sculpture is dedicated to the memory of Mayor Jon Crews in celebration of his community spirit. Purchased for Cedar Falls through private donations and support from Public Art Committee, Art and Culture Board, Cedar Falls Rotary, and the Crews Family. 

Fence Roadway incorporates a sculptural fence and roadway as it stretches, winds and weaves towards the sky. In this sculpture I am playing with the expected form and function of a road and fence. It is meant to appear as a fantastical pathway while also expressing a sense of community connectedness. Working with familiar imagery like a winding road in the distance, is meant to capture the many perceptions of achieving the American dream.
It is fitting to imagine this sculpture honoring the work and efforts towards community building that Mayor Jon Crews achieved. Roads, sidewalks and fences are present in our daily life as one works towards achieving their dreams. These “connectors” are familiar imagery which depict the story of an admirable person devoted to public service. While we are all on our own path reaching, climbing and striving towards our personal goals it is important to identify that we are part of a bigger world. Hopefully, in a small way this sculpture can honor that bigger world that Mayor Jon Crews' vision was striving to reach in his effort to provide an improved quality of life for Cedar Falls residents.


Double Helix
2016, Lyman Whitaker
Cedar Falls Utilities
Purchased by Cedar Falls Utilities & the Cedar Falls Public Art Committee. This copper and steel sculpture, along with the artists other sculptures, have an organic and mystical theme, in keeping with his life philosophy. By placing the sculptures in settings dependent on natural elements for movement, opportunities are provided for participants to think about their surroundings.



 2017, Tommy Riefe
 Center & Cedar Streets
 Purchased by the Cedar Falls Public Art Committee & supported in part by a grant award from the Cedar Falls Community Foundation. The sculpture was fabricated out of 6 tons of weathering steel that was cut out of 1/8 thick sheets and welded together. NEST was created in response to both the natural and residential landscape. Inspired by the many bird habitats in the surrounding area, the form suggests a large nest that can be entered and inhabited.

Dream HouseDream House
2022, Sujin Lim
The Plaza, 2nd and State Street
Funding for this project was made possible by major contributions from the family and friends of Kristine Martinson and the Cedar Falls Public Art Committee. This sculpture was fabricated from sheets of aluminum by the University of Northern Iowa Public Art Incubator.

Dream House is a warm and welcoming work of art that is also a landmark and multi-use open space. River Place Plaza, located in downtown Cedar Falls, is a meeting point where the two contrasting elements of nature and built environments come together. The Plaza’s left side is urban downtown; on the right side is a river and green space. It’s a place where community members meet and enjoy spending time together.

A white house and cloud-shaped sculpture that is eleven feet high invites people upstairs leading to the plaza from downtown Cedar Falls. Once there, they will be pleasantly surprised to find a small bench at the back. The grass lawn symbolizes the small front yard of a house that invites people to sit and relax. The inspiration of the place reflects the warmth and exuberance that characterized Kristine Martinson’s life.

I’m excited that the people of Cedar Falls can sit on the bench and enjoy looking out over the river and landscape at this site. I hope the project will be a fresh and unique artistic aspect of the visual fabric of Cedar Falls.

The BeginningThe Beginning
2023, Rachel Heine
Aluminum and enamel
3rd and Main Street
Funding for this project was made possible by the Cedar Falls Public Art Committee. Constructed with UNI Public Art Incubator students.

"The title of the art work was because a treble clef is one of the first things that can begin a piece of music, as well as this sculpture being the start of a potential career in public art!” 

thumbnail_IMG_4142Waxwings on the Cedar River  

2022, Caylin JaydeDigital drawingThe Metal Dock   
2022, Karin DesnoyersDigitally rendered mixed media  

Rabbit Constellation 2022, Autumn Rozario Hall  

Acrylic and white ink on paper 

Main Street and East First Street, Main Street Bridge
Funding for this project was made possible by the Cedar Falls Public Art Committee.