Transfer Station


Winter Hours: November–March
Monday–Friday: 7 am–5 pm Last load taken at 4:45 pm
Saturday: 8 am–3 pm Last load taken at 2:45 pm

Summer Hours: April–October
Monday–Friday: 7 am–6 pm Last load taken at 5:45 pm
Saturday: 8 am–3 pm Last load taken at 2:45 pm


The transfer station is located at East 15th Street and State Street.

Schedule (Excluding Holidays)

Yard Waste Only: April–December
Mondays: 7 am–6 pm

Solid Waste and Small Quantities of Yard Waste
Tuesday–Friday: 7 am–6 pm
Saturdays: 8 am–3 pm


  • A nominal fee of $.75 per bag is charged for bagged yard waste and solid waste dropped off at the Transfer Station.
  • The rates are $57.50 per ton or $.028 per pound for Solid waste and $59.15 per ton or $.029 per pound for Demolition material.
  • Shingles are $30 per ton for clean shingles. The Transfer Station only accepts clean shingles. Dirty Shingles will need to be brought to the Waterloo Landfill. Their number is (319) 296-2524.
  • Shingle Recycling is now offered. See shingle recycling guideline packet. Shingle recycling guidelines.


The transfer station accepts:
  • Household refuse, demolition material, and yard waste.
  • The transfer station can recycle scrap metal, appliances, tires, computers and televisions. These items are charged a recycling fee. There is no charge for scrap metal.
  • Non-contaminated used engine oil and used oil filters can be disposed of at the transfer station at no charge.

Not Accepted

The transfer station does not accept: batteries, asbestos, propane tanks, fertilizers, paint, anti-freeze, hazardous waste, concrete, rock, dirt, RR ties, dirty shingles, and other items deemed unacceptable by Transfer Station employees.