Transfer Station


Monday-Friday: 7am-5pm.  Last load taken at 4:45pm

Saturday: 8 am–3 pm Last load taken at 2:45 pm  

Location-The transfer station is located at East 15th Street and State Street.  1524 State Street, Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Hours (Excluding Holidays)

Yard Waste Only on Mondays: April–November
Mondays: 7 am–5 pm. Last load at 4:45pm.

Solid Waste and Small Quantities of Yard Waste 

December-March the Transfer station will accept solid waste.

Monday–Friday: 7 am–5 pm. Last load at 4:45pm

Saturdays: 8 am–3 pm. Last load at 2:45pm


  • A nominal fee of $.75 per bag is charged for bagged yard waste and solid waste dropped off at the Transfer Station.
  • $65.00 per ton for Household/Demolition solid waste materials .  Minimum of $7.00 per load.

Shingle recycling will no longer be accepted starting July 1, 2022.

  • After July 1, 2022, clean shingles will no longer be accepted for recycling. Shingles may be accepted for dumping at the Transfer Station if the load is less than 500 pounds. Anything over 500 pounds must be taken to the Black Hawk County Landfill at 1509 East Washburn Road in Waterloo for disposal.  Their number is (319) 296-2524


The transfer station accepts:

  • Household refuse, demolition material, and yard waste.
  • The Transfer Station can recycle scrap metal, appliances, tires, computers and televisions. These items are charged a recycling fee. There is no charge for scrap metal.
  • Re-chargeable batteries (accepted in the vestibule in the Call 2 Recycle Boxes).  Large batteries such as car or power wheel batteries are not accepted.
  • Non-contaminated used engine oil and used oil filters can be disposed of at the transfer station at no charge.

Not Accepted

The transfer station does not accept: lead-acid batteries, asbestos, propane tanks, fertilizers, paint, anti-freeze, hazardous waste, concrete, rock, dirt, RR ties, and other items deemed unacceptable by Transfer Station employees.