Lost & Found

Lost items off site at programs will be held at that site until the program has ended.
Once the program is over, items are taken to the Cedar Falls Recreation and Fitness Center and held for a period of time.

The Recreation and Fitness Center and The Falls Aquatic Center are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Lock it up!
Lost & Found Protocol

Lost items will be kept for 6 months. After 6 months of no claim, items will be donated.
1.  If an item is of low value --- clothing, towel, water bottle, ball, etc we hold on to it and after 6 months, those items will be donated.
2. If item is of high value --- jewelry, electronics, expensive coat, etc we record the item on an inventory sheet and send it to the police department.
3. If an item is being claimed immediately we will ask the claimer to give a detailed description of the item to ensure ownership of the item and a signature is required for pick up.