Permits for Work in the Public Right of Way

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Permits include:

Oversize Overweight Permit(s):
• Annual Permit
• Project Specific Permit
• Single Trip Permit

Fiber Optic/Telecommunications Permit
Franchised Utility Companies by State of Iowa
   • Staff Plan Review & Approval
   • ROW Permit

Non-Franchised Utility Companies
   • Staff Plan Review
   • License Agreement Approval by Council
   • ROW Permit

ROW Excavation Permit

ROW Sidewalk/Driveway Approach Permit


The City of Cedar Falls' Code of Ordinances requires a right-of-way (ROW) bond and certificate of liability insurance for any contractor doing sideway, driveway or excavation work within the public ROW in the City of Cedar Falls. 

Starting in the spring of 2010, all Contractors working within the Public ROW in Cedar Falls will need to register with the Iowa Northland Regional Council of Governments (INRCOG) and provide them with the required certificate of liability insurance. 

Click here to review the ROW Bond & Insurance notice.