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How to Use Carts

Refuse and Yard Waste Collection Guidelines

  • Garbage / yard waste must be in the cart with the lid closed completely
  • Bag all garbage before putting in cart
  • Do Not over fill your cart. (250 lb limit)
  • Cart must be at curbside/alley by 7:00am on your collection day
  • Face carts toward street
  • Leave 4' between others carts or objects
  • Bring cart in by 8:00pm on collection day

Eliminate Overflow
Make sure you have the right size cart to meet your needs.  We offer 3 different size refuse carts:

  • 32 Gallon $9.00 a month
  • 68 Gallon $17.00 a month
  • 95 Gallon $26.50 a month

Please call (319)273-8629 if you would like to exchange your refuse cart.  You can exchange the refuse cart for free once a year.  If more than once a year their will be a $20 exchange fee. Carts will not be exchanged if they are dirty, smell bad, etc.  It is the homeowners responsibility to care for their refuse container.  Homeowners can wash their containers and bag their garbage to help alleviate the smell in their carts. 

Close Lid Completely

Cart Arrows

Arrows on the lid should point toward the street or alley

Cart Walking

Stolen or Lost Cart
For a stolen or lost cart, call the Public Works office at (319) 273-8629.

The cart is the property of the City of Cedar Falls and each one has a serial number to identify it.

Excess Garbage
Bag Tags can be purchased for garbage that does not fit inside the cart. Extra bag on cart as shown in the picture requires a tag ($1.25). 

You are allowed to place one bag with an attached tag on top of the closed lid of your cart for pick up.

Locations to Purchase Bag Tags

Excess garbage can also be brought to the Transfer Station at 15th and State Street. 

Extra Bag on Cart

Location, Location, Location
Find a trouble free location for the cart, preferably on a level surface at the street or alley line and not directly under low hanging overhead wires. Do not place carts on top of snow piles.



Proper Placement