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Applications and Forms
Below are the various applications accepted by the Planning and Community Services Division. Click here for a fee schedule. These forms can be submitted to or at City Hall.  If you have questions please feel free to call 319.273.8600:

  • Building Permit Application: A building permit is necessary for any work on a property in Cedar Falls. Exceptions to obtaining a building permit includes painting, wall papering, carpeting or other similar jobs. If you think you need a building permit, please contact the Building Inspections Division at 319.268.5161.
  • College Hill Partial Property Tax Exemption Application: For partial tax exemption on improvements made to residential use properties in the College Hill Urban Revitalization Area submit this application.
  • Land Use Permit Application: Residential properties including new construction, additions, fences, driveways, garages, and the like will need this permit. In addition, a Building Permit and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (prior to new home construction) may be required. Information sheets are provided for common questions, illustrating what is permitted.
  • Fill Permit Application: Properties located in the Special Flood Hazard Area or general floodplain district must submit a fill permit application for the placement of fill material on the property. Fill is allowed at a 3-foot depth from the natural grade that does not exceed 33.3% (1/3) of the lot area.
  • Movable Sign Permit Application: Sidewalk signs are allowed downtown and the College Hill Commercial District. A permit is necessary. Signs must be either next to the storefront of next to the curb, leaving at least 5' of public sidewalk.
  • Group Rental ApplicationAny new rental property wishing to rent to three to five (3-5) unrelated individuals must obtain a group rental permit first. The permit will allow a specific number of unrelated individuals to occupy a rental unit.  This is not transferable to a new owner.
  • Facade Grants and Applications in the Downtown and College Hill District
    • College Hill Facade Grant ApplicationSubmit this request for grant funding on exterior renovations and sign improvements to commercial properties located in the College Hill Business District.
    • Downtown Facade Grant ApplicationSubmit this request for grant funding on exterior renovations and sign improvements to commercial properties located in the Downtown Overlay District.
    • Central Business District Facade Review ApplicationSubmit this application for exterior renovations and sign improvements to all properties located in the Downtown Overlay District. Please contact the Community Planning and Development Department for any questions on this review.
  • Rental Conversion ApplicationSubmit this request for the potential of a Forgivable Loan up to $10,000 for improvements to a residential rental property being purchased and converted to a single family owner occupied residence. For more information on this program, view the Rental Conversion Single Family Tri-fold.
  • Rezoning ApplicationWhen seeking to change a property’s zoning this application applies.
  • Right of Way Vacation Application: A property owner may submit this application if he/she wishes to purchase a portion of the public right-of-way and make it part of their property.
  • Site Plan ApplicationApplies to commercial, multi-family, or residential (in an overlay district) property, when new construction, additions or redevelopment are proposed. In addition, a Building Permit and SWPPP (prior to new home construction) are also required.
  • Sign Permit ApplicationNew or replacement sign(s) must obtain this permit. 
  • Subdivision ApplicationDividing a property must be reviewed. There are various levels that need different information. See specific checklists below. 
    • Minor Plat Checklist: Site will be divided into three or less parcels and no new roads are needed.
    • Preliminary Plat Checklist: Site will be divided into four or more parcels and new roads are needed. 
    • Final Plat ChecklistFollows preliminary plat approved and creates lots that can be sold. It can be a smaller portion of the Primary Plat.

To find out a property’s parcel number, zoning, acreage, legal description, and more go to Black Hawk County’s Assessors website. For a step by step tutorial for the most common inquiries click here.