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Volunteer Opportunities
The City of Cedar Falls recognizes how important volunteering is to our community.  Volunteering gives each of us a chance to lead more meaningful lives by donating time, expertise and effort to help a worthy cause.  Everytime we volunteer, we make our community better and contribute to local causes that reinforce our sense of life purpose.  Studies have noted lower rates of cancer and heart disease, as well as reduced healthcare costs, among people who volunteer regularly. 

While we are featuring the following organizations, a complete list of organizations in need of volunteers can be found here

If you are a non-profit organization in need of volunteers, we want to hear from you!  Please use the form found here.

Featured Organizations

 Organization: Cedar Falls Tourism and Visitors Bureau
 Description: The Cedar Falls Tourism and Visitors Bureau promotes the community as a quality destination for visitors.  We send mailings, plan events, operate the Visitor Center (which is open seven days a week) offer tours and on-site hospitality serves and more.  Volunteers provide assistance for all of the activities and more.  Do you enjoy meeting interesting people and sharing about and the fun things there are to see and do in our community?  We'd love to chat with you about joining our Envoy volunteers!
 Contact: Kim Manning
 Phone: (319) 268-4266
 Website: www.cedarfallstourism.org

Organization: Cedar Falls Historical Society
Description: As a true “Society,” the Historical Society is driven by its members and volunteers. Whether you’re looking for a chance to conduct a research project, host at a museum site, or help out on a special project, there are countless ways to get involved and learn more about local history. The historical society is always looking for all types of volunteers.
Contact: Katie Hass
Phone: (319) 266-5149
Website: www.cfhistory.org

Organization: James & Meryl Hearst Center for the Arts (Cultural Division of the City of Cedar Falls)
Description: The Hearst Center for the Art's mission is to "Open doors to the humanities and creative arts."
A fully functioning arts center, the Hearst provides: an ongoing series of visual art exhibits; studio art classes and workshops for children and adults; and public programs and events highlighting local and regional artists and performers. Volunteers are essential in  providing these services and activities to the community.
Contact: Gail LeFlore, Services Coordinator
Phone: (319) 268-5506
Email: Services Coordinator
Website: www.hearstartscenter.com