At Large - David Wieland

David Wieland & Family

David is a long-time resident of Cedar Falls. He enjoys our bike trails, lakes, theater, and recreation areas. He lives at 4201 Heritage Road where he and his late wife Sharon raised two children; Rachel who is in Geneva, Illinois and Scott who is living in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

David is a graduate from Iowa State University in Mechanical Engineering and has a master's degree in Business from the University of Northern Iowa.


January 1, 2004 to December 31, 2019

Employment Background

David is currently Vice President of the National Alliance of Mentally Ill of Blackhawk County and is a recent Vice President in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers located in New York City.

In addition David teaches Fundamentals of Management at Wartburg College and is a past Planning and Zoning Commissioner. He is also retired from John Deere has a small photography business.

Commitment to Community

David believes the challenge will be to listen to, then solidly represent the citizens of Cedar Falls as we experience significant future growth.

He believes in having and following planned growth for our city as the best way to help hold down taxes and maintain and improve our quality of life. David's vision for Cedar Falls is one of a progressive, unique, caring community that is in touch with its elected council.