Most Rec Center Fitness Classes Included with your Membership!
Outdoor Obstacle Course for TV - Spring

Face masks are required in all areas of the Rec, including classes, until further notice per City Administration Mandate

  • Most Pre-Registered Classes  1/2 price with a membership.  Note class schedule to see which classes are pre-registration only.
    *To help promote safety and physical distancing, class sizes will be limited to:
    10 participants in the MPR
    15 participants in the Fit Gym
    All classes will be first come, first served.

  • WINTER WEATHER: Regardless of Cedar Falls Schools weather delays or cancellations all Rec Center fitness classes will be offered and held as scheduled.
  • Daily facility fee is to be paid to try out any Fitness Class or be in the facility
  • Fitness classes for 16 and older unless approval is made by the Fitness Supervisor, no children spectators in class please
  • 12-16 year olds in the weight room must have approval and time with the Fitness Supervisor before any use
  • Fitness classes, on occasion, have pictures taken for the Rec Center’s social media, let the instructor know if you would like to refrain from being in the pictures