Lap Swim/Water Walking

Lap Swim

  • At Holmes Pool
  • Daily Admission Fee of $4.00 or a swim pass is required
    May 27-August 5
    5:30-6:20pm Sun
    9:00-9:50pm T Th
    5:45-7:30am  MWF
    August 26-May 24
    6:00-6:50pm Sun
    6:15-7:00pm T Th
    8:55-9:50pm T Th

Water Walking 

  • At the The Falls Aquatic Center
  • Adults 16 and older
  • Patrons may choose to walk with the current or against it.
  • Aqua socks will be allowed during this program.
  • Daily Admission Fee of $7.00 or a summer swim pass is required
    June 4-August 17
    11:05am-12:00pm M-F
    weather permitting