Daily Rates & Swim Passes

  1. Daily Rates
  2. Summer Season Pass
  3. Fall Winter Spring Season Pass

Daily Rates 

Infant 2 & Under
The Falls: $3.00
Peet/Holmes:  $3.00
Youth 3-17
The Falls: $8.00
Peet/Holmes:  $5.00
Adult 18 & Older
The Falls: $8.00
Peet/Holmes:  $5.00

Season Pass Requirements 

  • All family members must have their photos taken or have a photo on file at the Rec Center prior to using the pass
  • Season passes are good for the summer season of the year purchased.  
  • Individuals listed on the Season Pass form must be your dependents and members of your immediate family, and fit our listed family criteria. If you will be adding a person between the ages of 14-22 on your swim pass, we will be asking for a copy of your tax form to make sure they are a dependent.
  • Grandparents and family household guests may not be used on the family pass. Passes will be revoked without refund if found in violation of this rule.

Term Family Qualifications

  • Family of 1 Adult and up to 4 children OR 2 Adults and up to 3 children
    may be included on the Family Pass. Each additional child will be $10.00. 
  • The term family is defined by the City as ALL 3 of the following conditions which must be met:
    •An adult or two adults who are related to each other by marriage.
    •Any child who is related to either or both of the adults by blood, marriage, adoption or legal guardianship, claimed as dependents for income tax purposes.
    •All of whom will occupy a single dwelling unit on a regular continuing basis.
    •Visiting extended family members may not be included on the family pass. 

Resident Qualifications

  • A resident is defined as ANY of the following:
    •Anyone living in the Cedar Falls Property Tax Base.
    •Anyone living in the Cedar Falls School District.