Admission Fees

Admission Procedures

  • A current membership card or fitness pass must be presented at the front desk.
  • Any child who has not yet completed second grade must be accompanied by an adult.
  1. Daily Admission Fees
  2. Memberships/Punch Cards
  3. Membership Specials
12th Grade & Under
Senior Citizen (65)


Beginning May 1 all Recreation and Fitness Center members and daily visitors will be able to attend any fitness classes previously covered by fitness passes at no extra charge and partake in free towel service.  So, if whether you have one month or 11 months before your membership expires  you will have access to these services free of charge.  The Recreation and Fitness Center membership fees have remained the same since April of 2014.  The new fee structure will be as follows:
Daily Admission (Resident and Non-Resident)
12th Grade and under  $6.00
Adult  $9.00
Senior Citizen (65 and older)  $6.00
Annual Membership/Resident/Non-Resident
12th Grade and under/$115.00/$210.00
Senior Citizen/$155.00/$290.00
20 Punch Cards/Resident/Non-Resident
12th Grade and under/$58.00/$140.00
Senior Citizen/$78.00/$120.00
Summer Special (May-Aug)Resident/Non-Resident
12th Grade and under/$57.50/$105.00
Senior Citizen/$77.50/$145.00

Drop-In Usage

  • Daily fees will apply.
  • Residents and non-residents are welcome to use the facility during open hours.
  • Any child who has not yet completed second grade must be accompanied by an adult.

Resident Qualifications

A resident is defined as ANY of the following:

  • Anyone living in the Cedar Falls Property Tax Base.
  • Anyone living in the Cedar Falls School District.
  • Any student having a Cedar Falls Public School District I.D.

Family Requirements

The definition of a family includes ALL of the following:

  • An adult or two adults who are related to each other by marriage.
  • Any child who is related to either or both of the adults by blood, marriage, adoption, or legal guardianship, claimed as dependents for income tax purposes.
  • All of whom will occupy a single dwelling unit on a regular continuing basis.

Passes & Membership

  • All punch tickets or memberships require a photo ID with current address so that we may confirm residency / non-residency before your membership can be issued.
  • All punch tickets or membership cards require the individuals photo on file before it can be issued.
  • All Memberships, Fitness Passes and Pool Memberships must be purchased at the Cedar Falls Rec Center.
    Pool Passes not available for purchase on site at any of the pools.
  • Individuals listed on the season pass or membership form must be a member of your immediate family.
  • Membership has its benefits. If you have a Recreation Center membership, please note the reduced rates for the winter / school year swim pass, the fitness pass, cycling, circuit weight, and other additional classes indicated. 

Corporate Rates

  •  By providing a letter from their employer, stating they are a full time employee, a nonresident working for a business located inside the Cedar Falls city limits may purchase discounted memberships. The membership may be renewed by providing a letter each year.
  • Individual Adult Fee: $200.00
  • Family Fee: $265.00