Bike Patrol

Bike Patrol Officers

About the Bike Patrol

June 15th, 1996, marked the beginning of the Bike Patrol Unit. This unit was developed because of a need to place officers closer to the community while keeping them mobile enough to be effective patrol officers.

Members are assigned to the general patrol of high crime areas, answering calls for service, patrolling the bike trails, and traffic enforcement. The unit is also used to promote bicycle safety on the city bikeways and streets.


The Bike Patrol Unit consists of full-time police officers that have volunteered for the position.

These officers were chosen after undergoing a selection process that reveals individuals who are highly motivated, self-supervising, as well as highly productive.

Officers Currently Serving

  • Unit Supervisor Captain Tim Smith
  • Lieutenant Marty Beckner 
  • Lieutenant Shea McNamara
  • Officer Katie Burkhardt 
  • Officer Nick Puls
  • Officer Zach Ladage
  • Officer Gavin Carman
  • Mike Marcotte
  • Kendall Schwan
  • Cedric Danilson
  • Liesel Reimers
  • Austin Lechtenberg

Police Mountain Bike Certification School

All of these officers attended a week-long Police Mountain Bike Certification School, which is hosted by the Cedar Rapids Police Department.

School Curriculum

This school covered the different concepts of:
  • Police mountain biking
  • Physical fitness
  • Mountain bike nomenclature
  • Biking skills

Requirements for Certification

Officers that attend this school must pass a written test on police mountain biking, as well as a biking skills test.

About the Bikes

The Police Mountain Bike Unit uses Trek, 24-speed mountain bikes.

Bike Features

  • Red and blue emergency lights
  • Headlights and taillights
  • Equipment bags which contain: first aid kits, citation books, wet weather gear, officer's personal effects

Bike Patrol During Summertime

During the months of April through November, unit members are able to carry their bikes on Thule bike racks attached to their squad cars while they are on patrol.When officers arrive in their assigned patrol area they have the option of patrolling in either their squad car or on bike.

The Bike Patrol is heavily relied upon for assistance with several community events including the Sturgis Falls Celebration, College Hill Arts Festival, Cedar Valley Trails Festival, and the University of Northern Iowa’s Homecoming Celebration.Unit members are also responsible for numerous drug related arrests in areas that are inaccessible by squad car.