West 27th Street Reconstruction

About the Project:

This project involves the reconstruction of the roadway from the new Cedar Falls High School east to Hudson Avenue in addition to the sanitary sewer extension that will serve the new high school site, West Fork Development, and portions of the surrounding area.

Current Progress:

Beginning Tuesday, May 31st, 2022, the City’s contractor, PCI, will be starting Phase I of the West 27th Street Reconstruction Project. This project is anticipated to be a two (2) year project with three (3) significant stages highlighted below. Below is a brief description of the work at each phase:

  • Phase I – W. 27th Street reconstruction from East of Panther Parkway to The Quarters at Cedar Falls (East of Greenhill Road)
  • Phase II – Greenhill Road & 27th Street roundabout improvements and also Hudson Road signal & lane improvements
  • Phase III – W. 27th Street reconstruction west of Greenhill Road in front of new High School with two roundabouts improvements 

Phase I work will consist of removal of pavement, placement of underground utilities, and repaving operations. Work for this phase is anticipated to take two (2) months, depending on the weather. For safety's sake, please stay away from the construction area. 

All University of Northern Iowa (UNI) parking lots will remain open with alternative access points. Those wishing to park in the 27th Street Parking Lot & the South Art Lot located on the south side of 27th Street may do so from access on Panther Parkway from 31st Street. Those wishing to park in the West Dome Lot & the South Dome Lot may do so from access on Panther Parkway from 22nd Street. Phase I work is anticipated to be complete prior to the first home UNI football game for full access to parking lots and Panther Parkway.

The UNI Recycling Facility will remain open. To access the roll-off container facility at UNI’s W. 27th Street Lot, access from Hudson Road to W. 31st Street to Panther Parkway and leave following the same route.

If want to receive road closure notices by email and/or text message, visit www.cedarfalls.com/notify and follow the instructions for road closures as shown.

If you have any questions or concerns during the course of construction, please contact:

City Contact: Matthew Tolan, Phone: 319-268-5164, Email: Matthew.Tolan@cedarfalls.com

PCI Contact: Matt Bohlen, Phone: 319-415-5219, Email: matt@pcius.com

W 27th Street Closure Phase I

W 27th Street Reconstruction - Stages of Construction

Beginning Wednesday, November 17th, 2021, a City contractor, Pirc-Tobin, will be closing W. 27th Street between Union Road and Greenhill Road for sanitary sewer-related work. In order for the contractor to begin, a full closure of the road will be required. The road closure for this will be in effect for approximately four (4) weeks, depending on the weather. The roadway will be reopened once crews complete placement of the new sanitary sewer line to the high school site, complete grading operations, and lastly paving operations.  Below is a map for reference.

If you have any questions during the course of the construction, you may contact Matthew Tolan by phone: (319) 268-5161, email: Matthew.Tolan@cedarfalls.com, or fax: (319) 268-5197.

W 27th Closure